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Defense Personel

By registering as Defense Personnel your details will be given to the TNI AU to your arrival and Defense ID must be presented on entry to the site.

Defense personnel registration includes access to complimentary conference sessions. Optional paid conference sessions incur an additional charge at the time of registration.
Defense personnel are requested to wear their military uniform (where applicable) and present their Defense ID on entry to the site. This process also applies to foreign military.

  • Defense ID must also be carried at all times at Bali Airshow 2024
  • No person under the age of 16 years will be admitted to the event on the Bali Airshow 2024 trade days.
  • A dress code applies – applicable business attire or uniform is required.
  • Conditions of entry apply to all visitors click here for more information
  • You will be advised via email and provided a link to login and add conference sessions to your registration.