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Why Bali International Air Show 2024

The Bali International Airshow is your gateway to tapping into Indonesia’s thriving aerospace and defense industry and unlocking endless possibilities for growth and success.

Tap into Indonesia's Thriving Aerospace and Defense Market

Indonesia Positive Trajectory in Aviation

Indonesia's aviation landscape is on the rise, with a projected annual growth rate of 5% in the aircraft fleet over the next five years. This upward trend reflects the escalating demand for air transportation and opens diverse opportunities for stakeholders within the aviation industry.

Indonesia's Expanding MRO Market Growth and Investment Opportunities

With a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2022 to 2028, the country's trajectory in the MRO sector is highly favourable. This growth is driven by increasing demand and a wealth of opportunities for industry players. Positioned as a promising market for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul services, Indonesia offers attractive investment prospects. With a flourishing aircraft fleet, a thriving tourism industry, and a government dedicated to advancing the aviation sector, the country holds significant potential for MRO growth.

Indonesia’s Airport Development and Expansion Plans

Indonesia has ambitious plans to develop its airport infrastructure, with the Ministry of Transport aiming to construct 50 new airports over the next 25 years. Among the 10 priority airports are prominent locations such as Lake Toba, Labuan Bajo, and Raja Ampat. These developments will enhance connectivity, drive economic growth, and promote tourism in their respective regions, creating new opportunities for domestic and international travellers.

Indonesia’s Strong Defense Focus

With a projected military expenditure of US$27.6 billion until 2030, Indonesia is showcasing a notable emphasis on defense. As a key player in the Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia's substantial investment underscores its commitment to bolstering military capabilities and highlights its potential impact on regional security.

Indonesia's Aviation & MRO Potential: A Growing Market

With a flourishing aircraft fleet, a thriving tourism industry, and a government dedicated to aviation sector advancement, the country offers attractive investment opportunities and significant potential for MRO growth.

Indonesia’s aviation landscape is on an upward trajectory, with a projected 5% annual growth rate in the aircraft fleet over the next five years.

Indonesia’s MRO market, projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2022 to 2028

Indonesia's Aviation and Airport Stakeholders

Join a distinguished group of Indonesia’s aviation and airport stakeholders at the forefront of the industry. With a collective vision for growth and excellence, these selected participants represent the vibrant and dynamic landscape of Indonesia’s aviation sector.

Regulator Of Indonesia Aviation’s :

  • DGCA (The Directorate General of Civil Aviation) – under Ministry of Transport
  • AirNav Indonesia under Ministry of State Owned Enterprises
  • Angkasa Pura I & Angkasa Pura II Under Ministry of State Owned Enterprises

Operators/Owners 251 Airports for domestic and international flight in Indonesia

  • Angkasa Pura I, 15 airports in Eastern Indonesia
  • Angkasa Pura II, 20 airports in Western Indonesia
  • Ministry of Transport, 178 airports
  • Local Government, 38 airports

Authorize of Ground Handling in Indonesia

  • Angkasa Pura (AP): AP Logistics, Gapura (Ground Handlings), AP Hotels & Property, AP Solutions (IT, facility management)
  • JAS Airport Services (ground handlings, Customer Relation Officer, Engineering, Flight operation simulator, Ticketing, Security)
  • Pertamina – the only fuel supplier for aircraft
  • Garuda Customer Relation Officer & Flight operation simulator
  • Garuda Maintenance Facility (Maintenance, Repair & Operation)

Indonesia's Airport Development:
Growth and Expansion Plans

Indonesia has set forth an ambitious growth plan for its airport infrastructure, aiming to construct 50 new airports over the next 25 years under the Ministry of Transport.

50 New Airport in the next 25 years Projects (2020-2045) under the Ministry of Transportation.

List of 10 airport that will be develop start on this year :

  1. Lake Toba North Sumatra
  2. Senua-Riau Island
  3. Gili Iyang Island-West Java
  4. Derawan Berau-East Borneo
  5. Gili Trawangan, North Lombok Utara (NTB)
  6. Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)
  7. Bunaken-North Sulawesi
  8. Wakatobi-South East Sulawesi
  9. Widi Island North Maluku
  10. Raja Ampat-West Papua

Indonesia's Defense Commitment:
Strengthening Regional Security

Indonesia’s strong commitment to defense is evident with a projected allocation of US$27.6 billion until 2030. As a key player in the Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia’s substantial investment emphasizes its defense priorities and highlights the potential impact on regional security

Military Expenditure Forecast to 2023
  • Indonesia: US$27.6 billion
  • Vietnam: US$23.5 billion
  • Singapore: US$21.4 billion
  • Thailand: US$20.5 billion
  • Malaysia: US$12.7 billion
  • Bangladesh: US$11.3 billion
  • Philippines: US$10.8 billion
  • Myanmar: US$10.5 billion
2023-2032 Spending Forecast in Asean Countries

Fixed-wing aircraft: US$17.6 billion
Helicopters: US$3.1 billion
Uncrewed aerial systems: S$3.8 billion

Total: US$21,075,913,000

Soar to New Heights at Bali International Airshow

Unleash your business potential in Indonesia’s aerospace and defense sectors. Gain global exposure, expand your market presence, forge invaluable partnerships, and enhance brand visibility. Stay ahead of industry trends, immerse yourself in Bali’s captivating setting, and achieve remarkable success in the vibrant Indonesian market.

Who should exhibit?
  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft Construction assembly and sub-assemblies
  • Aircraft Engines, aerospace powerplant and related equipment
  • Airborne equipment & systems/ Weapons
  • Airlines & Airports
  • Airport Equipment & Services
  • Avionics
  • Air Traffic Systems & Management
  • Business/Commercial & General Aviation
  • Communications & Navigation Systems/ Equipment
  • Composite Materials/Surface Treatment
  • Defense & Space
  • Emerging Technologies /Innovations
  • Ground Systems & Equipment
  • Land Defense Systems &
  • Battlefield Management
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
    MRO (Maintenance, Product Support & Spares)
  • OEMs
  • Production Equipment/Tools & Software
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Rotorcraft (including Helicopters)
  • Research Institutes
  • Safety & Security Systems (Airport & In-flight)
  • Satellites, Telecommunications & Space Systems
  • Training & Simulation
  • UAVs (Unmanned Systems/ Urban Aviation(Urban Mobility)